We position brands in the growing popularity of esports. We produce esports events, connect sponsors with esports assets, consult with esports game developers and lead brand activation for esports sponsors. We have experience leading messaging and positioning strategies to drive mainstream media coverage. We execute social media campaigns, lead media event operations, media train players and casters and produce integrated content marketing programs.







What’s Happening in Esports

Ninja Adidas Collaboration

Apparel Collaborations in the Gaming Industry

As esports continues to become a larger part of modern-day culture, brands are quickly establishing a presence in the space…

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The Ongoing Expansion of Esports Arenas

As esports continues to expand across the nation and globe, demand for live competition and access to physical proving grounds…

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Esports Explained: Halo

This week, Halo, Microsoft’s flagship first-person shooter, finally emerged from six years of relative slumber. After dominating the gaming world…

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Five Esports Events To Watch This Summer

Despite seeing record-breaking numbers for both streaming and participation, 2020 was a year filled with event cancellations throughout the esports…

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Six Games Leading the Growth of Mobile Esports

In mobile esports, players use a mobile device like a tablet or a phone instead of a console or PC….

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Five Brands Making Major Investments into Esports in 2021

With the popularity of esports growing across the globe, brands are not sitting idly by on the sidelines. While some…

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